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Minorinority Report

Meant to wake up around 9 or 10 to wash my car (Dad's idea). Woke up around noon instead, didn't wanna wash car that late in the day ('cos it's hot out!), wanted to see Minority Report instead. So I went out and brought in the car-washing paraphernalia Dad left out there for me.

Then I got the mail... and noticed it was WET! Turns out Dad also washed the front of the house, and got water in the mailbox, and apparently assumed it had drainage holes. Bla. Maybe I should drill some in it. Fortunately the videotape that arrived today didn't get wet! (Shrag sent me a copy of the video he shot at ConSortium.)

So then I went out to see Minority Report. Gripping! Intense! Confusing! But then about an hour after the beginning, I hadda go potty real bad. And I hate having to miss stuff, especially in a suspense film like this. But then I get clever idea in head, ha-haah! I left the 3:00 showing, went to the bathroom, then snuck over to the 3:45 showing! Didn't miss a thing, and I even got to see part of the movie twice! Made it a little easier to follow.

Then I wanted to go to Quizno's for supper, but they were closed, even though according to the sign they shoulda been open. Guess they closed for the whole four-day weekend or somethin'. So I went to Chili's instead. Yum!

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