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Spy vs. Spy on TV!

Saw a cool commercial earlier today, for Mountain Dew; it had Spy vs. Spy, from Mad Magazine, in it!

White Spy puts a Mt. Dew vending machine in place on a city corner. Black Spy stops to buy a soda from it. Meanwhile, White Spy hovers above him in a helicopter, intending to pummel him with a boxing glove on a spring from a hatch under the helicopter. But Black Spy has a spring under his hat, which deflects the boxing glove back up to hit White Spy! Then Black Spy presses a button on the vending machine... which causes a spring-loaded section of sidewalk to catapult him into the wall!... and then dispense a can of Mt. Dew.

The commercial was filmed in black-and-white live action with costumes and props that give it the "live-action cartoon" look of certain segments of MTV's Liquid Television from way back when, such as Dogboy or that one with the two hillbilly mechanics, the title of which I forget.

Anyway... cool! I wonder how many more of these there are.

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