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Two furry get-togethers in one day!

First I went to Kwik's pool party around 3 pm. (took S Loop 610 W > W Loop 610 N > US 59 S > Westpark Dr > Dunvale > Westheimer > Lazy Hollow)

I went swimming! For the first time in years! The sun made my skin itch till I got used to it. I hope the sunscreen protected me despite being washed off in the water. I haven't gotten sunburned, so I guess it did. We played with my little Stitch beach ball, a little red Nerf ball someone found (which, when saturated with water and tossed high into the air, makes a satisfying KERPLUNK in the pool), and a yellow volleyball with a smiley face on it. (Actually it had two smileyfaces on opposite sides. It's Janus's ball!)

Then we sat in the shade and ate Subway sandwiches. Later, some folks went back in the pool.

Thanks for having us over, Kwik!

Then some of us went waaaaay north of town to GibsonFox's place. (I took Westheimer > Sam Houston Tollway N > SH 249 N > Louetta)

We watched a few episodes of FUF! (Final Fantasy Unlimited) We MSTed it mercilessly, of course. There was this guy named Kaze, whose preferred method of fighting villains is to activate this huge gold thingy attached to his arm, which opens up and goes through this long elaborate process of transforming into a three-barreled gun, and then he takes out three bullets, each apparently loaded with a different kind of soil, with its own special color and power, which I know because he takes the time to describe each one before loading it into the gun. Amazingly, the villain at whom he eventually gets around to shooting these soil bullets just STANDS there the whole time doing NOTHING! Ooo, also, I got to see what a Chocobo is.

Then we watched Disney's Robin Hood. We MSTed that too! Oh, and have you noticed that Sir Hiss seems to have two tongues? He's got the forked red snake tongue, but in some scenes, you can see a grey nonforked human-type tongue in his mouth!

Thanks for having us over, Gibson!

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