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Bean Dip, Cartoon in the Works, and Funny Movie Ads

I bought a can of bean dip...
Hey, that sounds like the first line of a poem.
I bought a can of bean dip,
I opened it up today,
But it was way too spicy,
So I threw the stuff away.

It was Fritos brand bean dip. I bought it yesterday because (well, primarily because I was in the mood for some bean dip) ...because the label didn't say "Hot" or "Spicy" or anything. I'd already passed up a jar of some "flavor of the southwest" type brand, plainly labeled as "medium hot". I don't want hotness in my bean dip! I just want plain bean dip.

So today I opened it up and heated it in the microwave (the temperature kind of hotness is okay), started eating it with tortilla chips, and... aaargh! It was spicy! I checked the ingredients on the label... sure enough: "jalapeño peppers". Blaagh! I hate jalapeños! I hate foods that burn my mouth! I have trouble digesting them, too! What do I have to do to get regular, normal, plain bean dip made from just beans?! Make it myself, I guess. Anybody on wtrecipes got a recipe for bean dip?

Other than that, hey, it's the Fourth of July. I'm planning to draw a special cartoon for the occasion! I hope to have it up before the day is over, preferably before the sun goes down. (Now I feel like I'm on Junkyard Wars, constructing cartoons from scrap iron while Robert Llewellyn informs me I have just four hours remaining!) When it's done I'll post a link to it!

Also, I saw two interesting movie ads in the cinema section of the paper today: one is for Lilo & Stitch, showing Lilo marching and playing a drum while Stitch marches, plays a flute with one pair of arms and carrying an American flag with the other pair! Yaay for multi-armed characters! The other is, amazingly, a funny ad for the Scooby Doo movie! It's a parody of the Men In Black II ad, with Shaggy (Matthew Lillard) and Scooby (CGI) sitting cross-legged in a pair of big egg-shaped wicker chairs, wearing shades, and holding submarine sandwiches vertically like Agents K & J's big guns. Heh!

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