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Sohng meeem

Pick an artist and answer the questions with titles of their songs.

(This post's featured artists are They Might Be Giants!)

Describe yourself: No One Knows My Plan
How do some people feel about you: Extra Savoir-Faire
How do you feel about yourself: I Should Be Allowed to Think

(These two questions don't apply to me, so I just put silly answers on them:
Describe your ex-girl/boyfriend: (She Was A) Hotel Detective
Describe your current girl/boyfriend/husband/wife: She's Actual Size

Describe where you are: Cowtown
Describe where you want to be: Fibber Island
Describe what you want to be: Mr. Xcitement
Describe how you live: I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die
Describe how you love: Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
Share a few words of wisdom: Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head

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