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That dweam wivin a dweam...

I just dreamed I was trying to draw a previous dream I'd had, in cartoon form. The images came faster than I could get them down on paper, though. The dream involved a lot of imagery and dialog reminiscent of British sitcoms. There were various funny bits involving the Austrians on French soil, fighting the Japanese (who had left a hilariously badly worded message of defiance in graffiti on an old bookcase), or possibly a bunch of intelligent talking dinosaurs (and I noted that the dinosaurs all had British accents because all the best creature effects houses are in Britain)... there was also a funny bit involving a high-tech car, and a short little rich guy and his big burly manservant trying to operate the trunk, which folded in and out of the interior of the car in various clever hi-tech ways, trying to get a secret package out of it. Then there was a really funny bit involving a cowardly, effete, upperclass British snob trying to get out of doing some unpleasant task, but I forget what his name was. Let's see, there was also a giant airship shaped like a hero sandwich, and for some reason it had a giant pickle slice clinging to its underside, and for some reason the sight of the pickle was disgusting to some people, although I eventually realized I didn't mind it. And, um, something about the Austrian soldiers mentioned above riding on the airship, and stepping off onto a platform on a large building, and one of them commenting that they were glad to be on solid ground again, which he then tried to explain: "Well, metaphorically speaking, anyway. I mean, the building we're standing on is rooted in solid ground, so that counts." I think there was more but I can't remember it now; all I can remember is the vague lingering sense of having witnessed something long, meandering, and very funny.

And other stuff happened in the dream that was not part of the dream-within-a-dream; I noticed a portable DVD player on Mom's dresser, and I was so excited! I'd totally forgotten she'd bought that, because it was before I'd started buying all those DVDs! Wow, I could use this to watch DVDs in my room and not bother Dad! So I asked if I could borrow it. I even made sure to get the power cord so I wouldn't waste batteries.

I also heard the cat meowing. Now, in real life, the cat woke me up by meowing incessantly outside my door, so I got up and threw her outside as punishment, then went back to sleep and had the dream I described above. So in the dream, I was under the apprehension she was still outside, so how had she gotten back in to meow at me some more? Then I noticed the front door hanging open. Oh, crap! Somehow she'd pushed it open (even though it was LOCKED!) and gotten back in!

(But I'm awake now and the front door is most definitely secured shut. I got up, let the cat back in and fed her. Now I'm gonna go read the paper. Morning, everyone!)

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