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Saw Lilo & Stitch again!

I went to a late showing tonight (tonight being Friday; it's after midnight as I write this) to get away from little kids... wellll, there were little kids, and they made noise and cried sometimes, but at least they were way behind me, so it didn't bother me all that much.

But ooog, someone's found a new way to be annoying at the theater! This teenager walked in at one point with some glowing blue object in his hand. A celphone or handheld game, perhaps. A brightly glowing blue object. Yup, it was distracting. Fortunately, he wasn't a total jerkface; he turned it off after a few minutes.

So anyway, Lilo & Stitch was great, just like before! Funny & cool & weeeerd! But also sad. Heartbreaking, even. But it's so funny and weird it gets away with it!

Go see it! But leave your brightly glowing blue objects at home.

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