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Like, bzoink an' stuff!

Abortion?:Why do I have to type my answers into these little boxes?
Death Penalty?:What, ya think I'm too stupid to write this stuff up in my LJ?
Prostitution?:Maybe it's for people who are too lazy to do HTML.
Alcohol?:It doesn't even need HTML anyway!
Marijuana?:I could enter the topics and my answers just as straight text.
Other drugs?:Seems kind of silly.
Gay marriage?:And here I am, filling out these little fields with my ramblings.
Illegal immigrants?:I wonder how much text can fit into one.
Smoking?:123456789 ten456789 twenty789 thirty789 forty6789 fifty6789 sixty6789 seventy89 eighty789 ninety789 100.56789 110.56789 120.56789 130.56789 140.56789 150.56789 160.56789 170.5
Drunk driving?:Aha! 175 characters.
Cloning?:But what if my stance on any of these issues is so complicated
Racism?:that 175 characters isn't enough?
Premarital sex?:All I'm trying to say is, this seems like an unnecessarily gimmicky way to do this.
Religion?:And what if, after typing all this stuff in,
The war in Iraq?:the darn thing doesn't work for me
Bush?:because I'm using the wrong browser
Downloading music?:or something like that?
The legal drinking age?:I guess there's
Porn?:only one way
Suicide?:to find out...

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

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