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Various things wo' 'av 'appened lately

I finally found some Michigan quarters! Nice and shiny they were too. It says "GREAT LAKES STATE" and it's got the Great Lakes outlined, and the two peninsulas of Michigan shown in relief, like tiny landmasses on the back of the quarter.

I bought a camcorder! Now, hopefully, I can, uh, camcord events at furry cons which will hopefully make it easier for me to get the diaries done in a timely fashion.

I bought the camcorder at Circuit City. The clerk I talked to saw my Associated Student Bodies T-shirt, and asked me if I went to Texas FurCon! (I told him I wanted to but couldn't. Yeah, I know I was planning to go to MegaPlex instead; I wish I coulda gone to both!) His nametag said "Michael".

The alien alphabet I invented for this cartoon is almost ready to show to the world!

I like chocolate.

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