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Variation on that "page 23, fifth sentence" meme

(taken from Languagehat)

The rules for 23/5 Exquisite Corpse, again, are:
  1. Take the nearest six to ten books from your shelf.
  2. Open them to page 23, and find the fifth sentence.
  3. Write down those sentences and arrange them to form a short story.
  4. Post the text in your journal along with these instructions.

First I did this with some of my own books. The shelf nearest me is full of language textbooks and dictionaries, and that wouldn't make a very good story, so I went across the room and grabbed some "Eyebeam" comic strip collections (plus a Film Flubs book to bring the count to 6):

Food also comes and goes from Ogre's face during a pie-eating scene in Revenge of the Nerds (1984). "Beth, I've been feeling this overwhelming need to *make* something of myself..." "What are you talking about, snugglemuffins?" "It's time to begin anew! C'mon!" "I hope you didn't mind me telling you that we were coming up to this red light..." "Naw, that's okay..." "Gee... sometimes I wish I could freeze time and hold on to this moment forever..." "Psst... Vernon... what the hell is he talking about?" "Man, I don't know..."

The books, in order:
Film Flubs: The Sequel
Eyebeam 5: The Mind's Eyebeam
Eyebeam 2: Eyebeam, Therefore I Am
Eyebeam 4: Our Eyebeams Twisted
Eyebeam 3: Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Tweed
Eyebeam: ...I'm Pretty Sure I've Got My Death-Ray in Here Somewhere!

Then, to see if I'd get better results, I went out and grabbed a stack of my mom's books:

"Nora's talent found the perfect match in Leslie's ability to showcase a writer." "They also had fast cars." "But what, if not reckless behavior, was this?" "Wrapping paper, I thought." "I agree wholeheartedly. That old man's done something! You ought to have a look. Eventually, you may learn enough."

The books, in order:
The Official Nora Roberts Companion
Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood - Fatima Mernissi
Must the Maiden Die - Miriam Grace Monfredo
Posted to Death - Dean James
Seeking Enlightenment Hat by Hat - Nevada Barr
Analog, March 2001: Magic's Price - Bud Sparhawk
Prospero's Children - Jan Siegel
Honest Illusions - Nora Roberts

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