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Whew! Just got back from Round Rock.

I went to Chaka Wolf's house, where he had a DTD-making party. A DTD is a duct-tape dummy; a form made in the shape of a person's body for a fursuit maker to design a fursuit on so it'll fit the wearer. It's made of duct tape, of course, and is cheaper and easier to do than with plaster.

Chaka put on an expendable set of pajamas and socks, and we wrapped him all up in duct tape, leaving only his hands and head uncovered. Along the way, we made jokes about Flash Gordon, Red Green, pirates (the tape made his clothes sort of puff up in a funny way, that is until we wrapped them down flat), and what Chaka might have to do if we ran out of duct tape before we finished. He pictured himself casually wandering into Wal-Mart, his body partly covered in duct tape, buying milk, eggs, bread and ice, and then at the last minute saying to the cashier, "Oh, I almost forgot... do you have any duct tape?" When we finished, he looked sort of like Gort. Klaatu barada nikto!

When I arrived, there was fresh hot pizza, and "Fans & Freaks" on the TV. </a></b></a>pacerfox was mortified to see himself in some of the footage from MFM, dancing in fursuit in sloooow moootiooon... that is, until the DragonCon segment came on, and GWAR and Karen Black from "House of 1000 Corpses" and Jerry Only from the Misfits and a whole bunch of freaky horror/monster/fetish/who-knows-what costumes made all us furry folk look normal by comparison. :}

During the DTD making, Chaka played a videotape of "Meet the Feebles". Finally I've gotten to see the whole thing now! (Well, except for the parts where Sammy was blocking my view of the screen, but I didn't seem to mind very much.) :}

When "Meet the Feebles" ended, Chaka put on a DVD of the first season of "Rocky & Bullwinkle". Well, he directed someone else to do so, since by this time he was becoming submerged in duct tape and couldn't move.

Finally, the duct tape suit was finished, and Sammy carefully cut him out of it with bandage scissors. Chaka is going to send it to a fursuit maker who will put it together and stuff it, and build Chaka a fursuit.

(Oh, and I forgot to mention what song the previous post was a parody of: "Maneater", by Daryl Hall & John Oates. Anyone who guessed it correctly wins a grumblecake! (And, despite my worries, I didn't get pulled over! (Of course, it helped that I didn't take US 290 home. Instead I took Hiway 71 and I-10.)))

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