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Greetings from Round Rock, TX

...where I've driven to today for a party at Chaka Wolf's house! (I may be here all evening, I don't know.)

I took US 290 over, which made me a little nervous because I'd once gotten a speeding ticket on 290. But on the way over, I didn't see many cops. I thought to myself, "Maybe they only come out at night." That line inspired this song parody:

They'll only come out at night
With sirens and flashing lights
I know what they do, I've been pulled over before
Watching and waiting
Ooh, they'll sit out of view
With a donut and a radar.

So many have paid to speed
What, you think you'll get off scot-free?
They'll ruin your ride, and they will flag down a Ford or a Jag-yoo-ar
Money's a matter
If you can't pay the fine, you ain't gonna get too far.

Oh, here they come
Watch out, boy, they'll pull you over
Oh, here they come
And they'll nab speeders

Oh, here they come
Watch out, boy, they'll write you up
Oh, here they come
Yeah, they nab speeders

I wouldn't if I were you
I know what they can do
They're deadly, man, and they could really hit your insurance hard
Mind over matter
Ooh, your booty is theirs, if you see 'em behind your car

Repeat chorus

Whew. Wanted to get that all down before I forgot it. More later!

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