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A Conversation Between Cyberd00d and FurryGuy, Fraught (FRAUGHT, I say) With Allegory and Irony

Cyberd00d: "What's that you're listening to?"

FurryGuy: "Clay Aiken."

Cyberd00d: "Eww!! How the hell can anybody listen to that plain ordinary mainstream music? That's mass-marketed shit.
And... what website is that you're looking at?"

FurryGuy: "Fred WolfBadger's Art Den."

Cyberd00d: "Eww!! That's weird creepy shit. Why don't you go look at some plain ordinary mainstream porn, like the Hot Wet Slutty Cheerleaders site?"

So you see, my furry broths and sists, this is why the self-appointed kewl dewds make fun of you: not because your tastes are inconsistent, but because they're inconsistent in the WRONG DIRECTION.

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