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Fun with angry kitty

Have you seen those LJ icons where the main image is a still picture of a character from a movie or TV show, and in the corner is a tiny short animated clip of the character in action? I've seen these done with characters from "The Lion King", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and who knows what all else.

They're pretty cool... but they're also a trend. Which means I get to make fun of 'em. So I made an icon of one of my own favorite characters, from here on LiveJournal itself! Lookie:

And then I decided I wasn't done having fun with this little two-frame animation of distilled cartoonized infuriation... so I decided to test my pixel-jiggering skills by inbetweening the hell outta the little guy. Check out his smoooothness:

Also I watched "The Truman Show" today. I liked it, although my mom shuffling papers during the early scenes proved to be a bigger distraction than I'd thought. I should watch it again on Friday. (I have this problem understanding speech if there's background noise, or if the guy speaks too fast.)

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