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Midwest Tour diary update!

Made some changes and additions to the Midwest Tour diary:

Added two panels to page 29.

Added Part 3 (16 pages), covering my visit with Justin and the drive home from Chicago. (Part 2 not done yet.)

The deal was, I decided to skip ahead and draw the end of the trip while it was still fresh in my mind, and leave the middle part (y'know, the actual con itself) to finish later after developing my photos and listening to my tapes.

But the problem was, if I wanted to number the pages the way I usually do, with all the pages having a single series of numbers from 1 to 78 or however many, I would have to sit on the completed end section and not scan it or upload it until after I'd filled in the middle.

Another option I had was to number the pages in order (calling the first page of the end section 37, since the first section had 36 pages), and then renumber them later after completing and scanning the middle section. But I did not want to do that, because if anybody linked to any pages in the end section in the meantime, those links would eventually become incorrect or broken, and that sucks.

So I decided to break up the diary into three sections, and give each its own pagination. Part 1 (pp. 1-36) covers my trip to Minnesota and my visit with Vakkotaur and Sheilataur. Part 2 has only barely been started; it will cover most of the con, and I don't know yet how many pages it will be. Part 3 covers my visit with Justin and my drive home (as I said above), and it is 16 pages, and now some technician is waving at me and flashing the "too much info, they've got it now" sign at me. Who the hell is letting technicians into my house?! Go away!

Anyway, enjoy the Midwest Tour, Part 3!

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