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Erf, hospital again

Back to square one. Well, square two maybe.

Ever since Mom's surgical wound opened up, she started getting visits twice a day from a nurse to help her keep the wound clean and dressed.

Yesterday, Mom started having nausea, and she threw up a couple of times(we're not sure why; bad food? stomach flu? reaction to medications?) and she started having severe back pains (probably caused by the belly brace she had to wear, and most likely aggravated by the throwing up). Well, when the visiting nurse came by yesterday evening around 7:00 pm, he found that the wound looked worse than before; it was open even wider. Probably caused by the strain of throwing up. This was beyond his capacity to deal with, although he was able to at least dress the wound.

(I think this whole mess could have been avoided if the staples hadn't been taken out too early the first time around.)

So Dad called an ambulance again. The wound had been dressed, so this wasn't an emergency situation, so it took a loooooong time for Mom to be taken to the emergency room and looked at. (The ER was crowded; several patients, and their entire families came along to fill the seats in the waiting room.)

Mom finally got moved to a hospital room upstairs around 1:00 am. Dad and I went home, exhausted.

Today around 10:50, Mom went into the operating room again. She's in recovery now, and I'm waiting to hear from Dad again when she gets taken back to her room.

I'm sure she'll be fine, so I'm not too worried.

(Oh and also, this latest development means my trip to Megaplex may be in jeopardy again.)

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