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Erf, long day

So let's see. First the internet connection wasn't working. But I didn't have time to call tech support or anything because I had to drive Mom to the doctor to have the staples removed (she had a hysterectomy a week ago, you see).

I dropped her off, got lunch at Southwell's (lovely local burger place), drove back, joined her in the waiting room, she got called, I waited, then she came out and I drove her home.

At home, the internet still wasn't working. This was extremely annoying to me because last night I decided to be generous and buy shatterstripes a year's worth of paid time so she could keep using all her cool freaky icons, and this morning I wanted to check and see if she'd, y'know, found out, thanked me, stuff like that.

So I drove to the Galleria, where I was able to log on from an iMac on display in the Apple store (for free! Who needs internet cafes?) and I got to see Peggy's "Aww, thank you!" which warmed my heart and brightened my mood.

Back at home, the internet still wasn't working. I tried powercycling Mom's computer and the cable modem. Eventually I got it working, so I fired up my own computer and surfed 'n chatted 'n stuff.

Until the connection went down again! Aargh! I tried another powercycle, and eventually got to a point where the Web worked... but email and IRC didn't! I eventually decided to give up on it for the night, and put together a Lego Star Wars set I bought recently (Luke's landspeeder, and Han Solo & Greedo in the Cantina. You can make either one shoot first!)

Oh wait, I know! I could make an LJ phone post to tell my friends why I hadn't reappeared on IRC. So I got my list of numbers, dialed the first one, a Georgia number... and heard the recorded voice say "Goodbye. *click*"

What the FUCK?!?! That's what I'm supposed to hear AFTER I've recorded the phone post and am FINISHED! So I dialed the next number on the list, also in Georgia. "Goodbye. *click*" Well damn, maybe Georgia hates me. The next number on my list was in Michigan. I dialed it. "Goodbye. *click*"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Fuck that. Fuck the whole damn internet for the rest of the night. Back to my Legos.

Suddenly, Dad banged on my door! Seems Mom's surgical wound had come open. He called an ambulance, and the paramedics came and took her to the hospital. We followed.

The ambulance took her straight to the emergency room. We parked in Garage 4, and negotiated the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong twisting corridors from there to the emergency room. Mom was there, still on her gurney. She and Dad dealt with the doctors, while I went to the café (which was about halfway along the looooooooong twisting path mentioned above) to get bottled water. (There was bottled water in the vending machine in the waiting room, but Dad figured it'd be cheaper in the café. It wasn't. I worked it out: 6¼ cents per ounce either way... but at least the café has 24-oz bottles instead of 20-oz.)

I got back, heard that Dad was somewhere in the back with Mom, so I sat and waited. Soon, Dad came out and said it looked like Mom would be able to go home soon... which was a bit of a problem because we'd taken Dad's car. But my mom is big and has trouble getting into and out of any vehicle smaller than her minivan (and with this wound, it might be even riskier!)

So he gave me his key and parking card, and I walked the loooooooooooooooooooooooong way back to Garage 4, paid for the parking, got in his car, drove home, put on some socks (which I wished I'd done before leaving home; there was time to do so, and my shoe chafed my bare foot), got in the minivan, forgot to fill it with gas like I was supposed to (but it had a quarter tank of gas left, anyway), drove back to Garage 4, walked the loooooooooooooooong way back to the emergency room again...

...and there were Mom and Dad! She was out already. So I walked the loooooooooooooooooooong way back to Garage 4 again, paid for the parking again, got in the van, drove it around, found the Emergency Centre entrance, pulled up, watched as Dad helped Mom in, and I drove us all back home.

Now it's about half past 1:00 am, I'm dead tired, and I hope the internet will work well enough to let me post this.

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