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Went out 'n had fun on Saturday!

The occasion: </a></b></a>sky and </a></b></a>shell524 (who recently moved from Houston to Dallas) coming back down to Houston for the weekend.

We all (Sky and Shelly, me, and a bunch of local furs) met at IHOP on Beltway 8 out west. We had dinner (and we all drank Dr Pepper! It was the Dr Pepper table! No other beverages allowed!) I couldn't decide whether to wear my cute raccoon raver girl shirt or my PAFCON shirt (front depicts a run-over raccoon, back says "I thought it was a coyote"), so I wore both. Well, not at the same time. I wore the raver girl shirt first, then changed into the PAFCON shirt. The initial plan after dinner was to go see "50 First Dates" at the theatre down the road. But too many people didn't have enough money, so we changed our plans.

Instead of movies, we went to Eric (</a></b></a>psychedelicwolf)'s tiny apartment, where about a dozen of us squeezed in and chatted and played guitar and joked around and whatnot. I found a nice hefty microphone and toyed with it, until Eric asked if I'd like him to hook it up, so I said yes. Then I made everyone listen to my voice all evening. :} Shelly showed us some animations featuring an angry foul-mouthed squirrel named Foamy. Eric showed some Primus videos on DVD, including a rather creepy one called "Mr. Krinkle", featuring a huge pig-headed singer playing a cello as if he were hammering and sawing at a piece of wood, while various bizarre circussy things happen in the background. Oh, and we watched MST3K "Poopie!" (The blooper reel.)

After several hours, a bunch of us drove across town to a Walgreens not far from the neighborhood where Sky and Shelly used to live, where </a></b></a>vantid currently works. We kept her company/bothered her/whatever your point of view is, for a while, and we bought stuff and drank Mountain Dew and things. (Walgreens sells freakish legless animals! They've got legless lions, only in Kenya. Goin' to Kenya, they got legless lions. And tigers.)

Then we went to Whataburger for midnight snacking purposes. After the bottle of Mountain Dew I drank all at once, I needed fries in my system! I ended up helping Sky finish his fries as well. Mmm, lotsa friiiiies.

Then we said our goodbyes and I went home to bed.

The end.

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