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I'm in the process of fleshing out my plans for Megaplex! So far I've got offers from two people (as mentioned here) to do fun stuff after the con: to go with </a></b></a>prismo to Universal Studios, and something with </a></b></a>jugularjaguar.

What days were we thinking of doing these things, guys? Maybe Universal Studios on Monday, and other stuff on Tuesday?

Also, on Wednesday, I plan to drive down to the south end of Florida and visit the Keys.

Update: The possibility exists that I might have to cancel my Megaplex trip entirely. My mom's supposed to have an operation (don't worry, it's nothing life-threatening), but the date keeps getting postponed, and if it ends up happening just before Megaplex, I won't be able to go. My mom has some (but not total) control over when the operation is scheduled, and she knows about my trip, so she will try to avoid forcing me to cancel. But still, the possibility exists.

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