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Where I've been in the USA

I've been wanting to do the visual version of that visited-states meme that's been going around, but:
  1. I wanted it to show more information than just visited/not visited.
  2. The map generated by the script looks like crap.

So I decided to draw my own map, and create a more informative coloring system for it:

Map of what states I've been to and how

I made it quite big so it would look good and so all those fiddly little New England states would show up clearly. I also added the District of Columbia, and I came up with seven categories of "visited"-ness that I think cover all the bases. Also note that the categories form a hierarchy: For instance, on one trip I traveled through Ohio by train without stopping, but I had visited the state before and stayed for several days, so it gets colored blue for "visited (stayed at least one night in)".

If you'd like to use my map, you can copy the GIF, or if you have Photoshop, I've got a multilayered PSD version with the solid shapes of the states on a separate layer, with rows of pixels joining up separate bits of states, such as the islands of Hawaii, so every state can easily and completely be colored with the paint bucket tool (tolerance 0, contiguous ON, anti-aliasing OFF). (Oops, one exception: Maryland is two pieces. West Virginia and Pennsylvania pinch together too tightly, and I couldn't do anything about it without making it look wrong.)

So, um... there you go!

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