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A gold nugget! Yeehaw!

Well. Boy am I glad I called the dentist and got an appointment for today. While I was eating lunch just now, one of my fillings fell out! I'll be seeing the dentist at threeth hurty today (which is an hour after tooth hurty). (Fortunately my tooth doesn't hurt. But I had to stop eating a bowl of piping hot soup, or it might have!)

Incidentally, I think I'm getting tired of jokes and comments about how long it takes me to finish my diaries and other cartoons. It's true that part of it has, in the past, been my own laziness. Recently I decided to really try and fight my procrastinating tendencies however I could... and boy does it piss me off when, just as I get some artistic momentum going, some shit like this filling business comes along to fuck up the whole works.

So... guys, could you just lay off me, OK? Seriously.

(And Mike, the same goes for you. I know it's been four years now, and I'm sorry, but I will get it done. In fact, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday are ink-mink days. I promise I'll get at least two, and maybe three, pages done in that time.)

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