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Bud Light: Yig-ped

Oh, and I just remembered I saw a funny commercial on TV earlier today:

[A guy and his girlfriend are on a date in a restaurant.]
GIRL: This is creeping me out.
GUY: What's the matter, baby?
GIRL: I just don't understand why anyone would want to have three arms.
[Sure enough, the guy has an extra right arm. All three of his arms are moving about, busy with the process of eating, seasoning the food, drinking, etc.]
GUY: Oh, it comes in handy. I can hold my Bud Light while eating a steak, and when I go to the store to get more, I can carry nine Bud Lights at once!
[insert blather about how wonderful Bud Light is and why you should buy it]
[The guy and girl are walking down the street. His upper right arm is around her shoulder, and his lower right arm is on her butt. She reaches back and moves his lower arm upward.]

Heehee, yaay! The weird thing is, it's like they tried to tailor that ad to me. The guy's even wearing a green sweater! It's like they're saying "KaaayTeeeeeee... buy Buuud Liiiiiiight!" (They're wasting their time, though; I don't drink beer.)

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