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Had a weird dream last night

I dreamed I was looking at my LJ friends list. The latest post was one of my own, and I noticed that the one before it was a new one by queenofstripes that I hadn't seen before I'd hit "refresh".

This in itself is not so unusual, of course (yes, I'm on my own friends list; I've discovered there are advantages to doing this)... the weird thing was that instead of sitting at a computer, I was walking around outside! The LJ posts were houses. My post was my own house, in which I live, and Postvixen lived next door to me. So I walked over into her yard to read her post/look at her house, and I noticed people had posted comments to it. (This was not represented by anything visual in the dream; I just sort of automatically knew there were comments.) I wanted to read them, but doing so required going up the front steps and walking around the veranda, and I couldn't go up the steps because Postvixen and postrodent were busy painting them. (The steps were wooden, and they were painting them some shade of maroon or puce.)

So I chatted with Postvixen for a bit. (I don't know what she or Postrodent look like in real life, so my mind just sort of filled in the roles with generic people from Dream Studios Central Casting.) I think she said something like "Oh, you're KT!" but the conversation didn't go very far before the dream narrative changed to something else.

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