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Unkempt hurrah!

Dada poetry in the mail:

Offshore Credit card, quaranteed approval!
resilient hitachi oligarchy dolphin signify huntsville moan goof darkle dempsey prominent
vermin dyne bucket deferring bullish cutlass chickadee asphyxiate florence monologue bellwether bowie aggression bradley transmitting anaplasmosis brittle footstool retrogressive pinkie civet protestation norris afford vibrato vinegar confiscable first criss employed
charybdis choice hysterectomy revulsion intramolecular aviatrix allison citrate deforestation codfish straw
lamar mekong shrift porcine bedford dilate coliseum clattery dicotyledon tyrannic citroen arnold inconvenient definitive jovian radical
bowditch trigram syndicate childish cosh urethra coequal halfway psychiatrist into possum sappy shingle cleft haystack
niche magma latus egalitarian circumference inordinate incant determinate unkempt hurrah hummock rant major eave spin counterpart patio protrusion alpha howl caller expound arab difficult collegiate bouquet attune decree fleece arsenal accurate hi algerian image obeisant sanction sprocket envy

"Quaranteed approval!" I love it! Is it a mere typo, or a pun on "quarantined"? It's enough to give me sprocket envy!

More absurdist prose in the mail: another message with a subject line of "Want to make more mofurthestney?"
Sounds like a cross between a swear word and a British town. Oi! Welcome ta Mofurthestney, ya little wankers!

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