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Have you seen these Nextel walkie-talkie ads? They show people using Nextel walkie-talkies to speed up some process, such as a wedding:

MINISTER: *beep* Do you?
GROOM: *beep* I do.
MINISTER: *beep* Do you?
BRIDE: *beep* I do.
MINISTER: *beep* Objections?
MINISTER: *beep* Man and wife.

Or to perform a supercondensed version of Romeo & Juliet:

ROMEO: *beep* I love you.
JULIET: *beep* I love you.
JULIET'S DAD: [points to other guy] *beep* Marry him!
JULIET: *beep* Never!
etc. I sorta forget the rest.

Well so anyway, two things bug me about these ads: One, what do these walkie-talkies offer that a celphone doesn't? And two, these people are using their walkie-talkies to communicate with people who are in the same freakin' ROOM! They're mere FEET away from each other! What the hell do they even NEED the walkie-talkies for?

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