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Stuff I been doin'

Last week the cold I caught in Minnesota finally started progressing. My sore throat came back, giving way to nasal congestion.

Yesterday I went to West Oaks Mall to hang out with ludwigvangoff and some other friends (Paracelsus, Star and Kwik). We rambled around doing some last-minute shopping-and-making-fun-of-things-in-windows. Then we went and hung out at Paracelsus's house, and then Ludwig, Star and I went to Burger King for dinner.

Today I went to where Bobbie, our housekeeper, lives. I had given her my old computer, but she couldn't get it to work. Last week I saw what she meant: instead of getting the Windows desktop, she just got this mass of fuzzy lines across the screen. The problem turned out to be that her monitor is very old and can't handle any resolution other than 640x480. Today I fixed the problem by starting Windows in safe mode and changing the settings.

Tomorrow I need to take my car in for service (it hasn't been serviced since before the Midwest Tour). My cold is finally going away, and maybe this week I can get some work done on the diaries and mink drawings! First I'll need to clean my room again, though.

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