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Damn, another diary-update-less day

Last week I didn't get any diarying done because I was too busy cleaning up my room to make my drawing table usable so I could get some diarying done.

This week I started to do some diarying, but today I became really busy. First I hooked up my old computer so I could delete all my files off it so we can give it to Bobbi, but then it wouldn't recognize the mouse. So I figured maybe it needed a serial mouse. So I went out to buy one. It worked, but then before I got very far deleting files, I found I had to go help rescue Mom's minivan, which had overheated and died. Dad and I drove to where it was parked in the Village and filled the coolant tank with water, which allowed me to get it home (just as it was about to overheat again). Then I went back to deleting files, which took forever because there were literally thousands of them.

And tomorrow... I've bought a ticket to see the special extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring at one of the Edwards Cinemas in town. (I'm not enough of a geek to have bought the DVD, darn it.)

So... um... I'll get back to the diary at some point. Honest!

In the meantime, enjoy my new icon. It's a li'l foxie I made out of Legos.

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